Thursday, February 23, 2017

Oracle / Java Lines

Oracle / Java Lines

Oracle / Java Lines on Coding:

Java is one of the major coding Languages relevant to many needs on production cycles in the Economy and Financials including Peoplesoft and Oracle Financials and much more, As such Oracle and its prominence in Financial Software, HR Software and other lines defined at prove relevant to discussions of major coding languages and context. Java shares relevant commonalities to C++ . Java, Java Script and JSON (TMs of Oracle are all denoted for interface with SQL on Database lines of Programming via ISO Standards lines at

Note: Java is a registered Trademark of Oracle AND its prominent domain in the enterprise and web spaces makes it relevant to any meaningful conversation about prevalent industrial software interfacing with Accounting, Compliance, HR and related line needs in the Economy. Our intention is to share fact based fair use knowledge relevant to the building and growth of knowledge which can help on the Economy, Jobs, Growth and Opportunities. Based on Fact of Javas Prevalence on Mainstream Enterprise Software (Oracle Peoplesoft, Net Suite and Oracle Financials) and in relation to ISO SQL any meaningful analysis of major softwares and programming languages in use today on coding will by facts of common knowledge include Java as knowledge of Public Domain. 

As a historical note for follow up and of relevant interest to Technology and Coding historians. At one time it is perceived / remembered that Java was an open source language used in web development that was then acquired by Oracle as a strategic move in seeing value where Java and SQL produced synergy on value in product designs using relational databases. At the core of major enterprise software systems like Oracle Peoplesoft the interface of Java and SQL is a relevant point of knowledge for academic and conceptual understanding of massive enterprise software in the aggregate. We integrate Learning and Social Research to help on STEM Talent improvements and the history and genesis of Software is very much a part of command of domain knowledge needed for context to understanding growth which adds value through following process of evolution to coding and design pathways in the Economy and Financials.

DCarsonCPA on Services, Applied Research and Outreach are our lines of Entity and Cross Sector Research on the Economy and Financials. For the Entity Policy and Community needs where we ALL meet in the Economy through the Financials. Coding is a key element of Awareness to Our Financial, Legal, Policy, Technology and Teamwork Research developed to help on improvements through direct Services, Applied Research and broad line Outreach to help on Growth, Risk Management and Logistics in a time of need for many in the Economy and Financials. We work with knowledge for where we meet on Services AND knowledge that can overall help on the Economy through pathways of continual improvement, learning and development for leadership, coaching and building pathways for growth on STEM skills.

Our unaffiliated lines on Technology, ICT and Coding Research as elements of the Broad Lines on the Economy and Financials. DCarsonCPA MFC One lines on Technology and Project Support #CFO #PM #BA #STEM and #EmergentCoding  DCarsonCPA MFC One Emergent Coding bear context to our  DCarsonCPA main lines on ICT, Cloud and Mobile Innovation and IT and Data Integrity .

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